I received this email this morning and wanted to share it with you.

"For everyone that has kids that played soccer or lives in Granger, there’'s a local movement to save some soccer fields that our community is in danger of losing.  WSBT and ABC57 both ran stories this week about the situation ( http://www.abc57.com/home/top-stories/Save-the-soccer-fields--179192051.html   http://www.wsbt.com/news/wsbt-saving-the-knollwood-soccer-fields-20121113,0,5750054.story ). Kids from around the region have been playing soccer on those fields for decades, but the woman that owned the property and had been leasing it to Michiana Soccer Association recently passed away.  Her estate put the property up for sale early in the fall.   Now this all too rare recreational space, especially on the northeast side of town, is in imminent danger of being bought and privately developed.  MSA, a local not-for-profit that runs a soccer league for over 3,500 kids, has the land under contract, but only has until mid-December to raise the funds to buy it.  For as much as the for-sale sign represents a threat to our kids’ play space, it also presents an opportunity.  This is a prime location for a playground that thousands of kids could reach by pedestrian paths in the near future.  This issue is local.  Plentiful play space for children is an important community need.  The window of opportunity to save the land for future generations is short.  Please help MSA and show support for keeping these fields open for play.  Spread the word.  Donate now at michianasoccer.org or send a check to: MSA/ P.O. Box 4337/ South Bend, IN 46634.  They’re looking for 100 families to give $1,000."