I love when that happens. You plop yourself into your office chair, take the first sip of morning coffee and begin clearing the email from over night.

Most of the emails are solicitations trying their best to sell some "can't miss" winner guaranteed to make me more money.

Uh huh,

But what's this? Almost hidden amidst the spam is an email from a recent listing client. "Hmmm, that listing closed awhile back. I wonder what she needs?"

I open up the email and begin reading;

"Dear Anita & Mark,

Just wanted to thank you for all your hard work in the closing of our home. I received the final papers from the title company this week.

My father passed away a year ago and my goal was to sell the house before this summer. It's funny that with all the issues involved with the sale I have no regrets.

I was impressed by your professionalism and attention to detail. I truly believe this would not have sold with any other realtor.

Again, thank you. Hopefully real estate will turn around soon in the South Bend area.


Well doesn't that just make the day start off a whole lot better. Honest praise means so much more when it's unexpected and not requested.

Thanks so much Martha. You were wonderful to work with and we appreciate your compliment. We hope we can serve you again in the future.

Anita & Mark