Is your home causing sinus problemsI read an interesting article this morning I thought I'd share with you. The title of the article is, "Is Your Home to Blame for Sinus Pain?" 

Here are some quick bullet points from the article:

  • There are countless allergens in the average household that can cause sinus pain and pressure.
  • You can have a clean house and still have problems
  • Pets can be an irritant
    • Even if cat or dog resided in home before you got there.
    • Pet dander can get so ingrained in upholstery you have to remove everything from previous owner such as carpets and furniture
  • This time of year air-conditioning system can cause sinus problems
    • Change A/C filters on regular basis to avoid issues
  • If you have done everything possible in your home to get rid of allergens in your home and you're still sneezing you may need medication.
  • Nasal saline irrigation is a natural remedy that may work

To read the complete article, which isn't too long click: "Is Your Home to Blame for Sinus Pain?"