How to help buyers fall in love with your homeBuying a home is usually an emotional emotional experience. People make the decision to purchase based upon their "feelings". Get the competitive edge when you make the improvements necessary to generate a demand for your house. The subconscious appeal that you create may affect your sales price and help you sell more quickly and at a better price.

Yard Areas

  • Clean, neat cut and trimmed
  • Accent entry with colorful flowers
  • Toys, garden tools, etc. out of sight
  • Poll and spa clean


  • Fresh paint if necessary, especially on trim and entry door
  • Achieve maximum brightness with clean windows and screens
  • Entry lights bright and in working order
  • Patio furniture clean and attractively arranged
  • Pet areas clean and odor free
  • Concrete areas clean and cracks repaired


  • Carpet and flooring clean or replaced
  • Walls clean, touched up if necessary 
  • Good ventilation throughout house
  • Shiny clean baths, kitchen, mirrors and appliances
  • High intensity bulbs in lighting fixtures for extra brightness
  • Repaired or replaced handles, towel racks, knobs, etc.
  • Any pet fur, feathers, odors, etc. eliminated

Garage, Closets and Storage Areas

  • Reduce cluttered appearances
  • Neatly organized and clean

The best way to sell your property quickly is to create an atmosphere that will charm buyers and make them want to live in your house!